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JAN 1 2017 PUPS START AT $1000 PICKED UP HERE by the BUYER not his rep...... NO SHIPPING .     

DEPOSIT required if you have not purchased from me before ...NON refundable as long as I can produce you a healthy pup 

George from SLOVAKIA came this spring and picked up his MASONS' LOGAN ..Logan is by MASONS WHO YO DIDDY out of MASONS' PEANUT WHO YO DIDDY is by GUNNER out of MASONS WHODAT GIRL

 George said it was worth it for the pup he got. Mighty proud to have a pup in Europe making a name for himself. George runs a dog training center and spend lots of time in the outdoors with his dogs. He has two Patterdales the other one(a Black female) has some of my lines as well.

THANKS GEORGE..YOU are a class act!


Hans Thomas Mason pup SOLD

Picture on left is an old and the man.ARNIE at the Iroquois Foxhunt Club in Kentucky yrs ago


No STAFF or PITT Blood here

I am trying hard to maintain a line of small working type terriers that can go to ground.  The pup on the left is just another example of the quality pups we are producing. When the best is what you are after I believe you should consider a breeder that has been producing a small working line for many years. I'm working on my 81st year on this earth and do this because I think I have helped maintain the SMALL/WORKING type terrier hunting folks need in the U.S.Hate to stop breeding completely but have cut back considerably over the last few years.I raise Border Terriers as well and have found I dont need as many dogs as I used to keep.IF I were into Patterdale/Fell types for the $$ I'd stop today.Just have too many years invested to stop.


Masons Clyde By Masons Ladd O'Shea ,out of a Nuttall Bitch

Clyde was one of the HARDEST dogs I've Bred. He was a FULL Brother to Avis.Heavy Nuttall breeding on Bottom side. Clydes sire Ladd OShea was 1997 PTCA National Champion also a VERY hard dog. Ladd was by Arnie out of Crackers.....REST IN PEACE OLE PARTNER

Black dog is MASONS HENRY(owned by Karen Smith Church Hill Tn.) BY MASONS ARNIES CLONE HOF(AC) out of PEANUTS >The Chocolate Dog is MASONS BOCEPHEOUS(BO) Just Purchased from Smiths.Very happy for them giving me the chance to buy this nice dog.

Bocepheous dam was Smiths Josie BY MASONS TRUMAN>BY MASONS WHODAT Out of Masons Foxy.... FOXIE WAS BY MASONS GOLDIE HOF-Foxies dam was MASONS C.S. LILLY HOF...Lilly was BY MASONS ARNIE HOF

BOs dam runs back to My old NUTTALLS TARMAC


WHOdis is by Whodat out of Masons Foxie...Foxie is by Masons Goldie H.O.F.out of Lilly.....Lilly is by Arnie H.O.F. out of Old Crackers. This is the most exciting dog I've bred in a long time. I think he will carry the family line on. Whodats sire is a double grandson of my Old Tarmac H.O.F.I believe in familys of good dogs.I've stayed with these familys for about twenty years  and see no reason to change horses now.Lilly is the dam and/or granddam of many of those good pups we've sold by Masons Goldie H.O.F.

Masons Goldie HOF was out of Tony Bobbitts Peanut(Peanut was of TIGHT Nuttall breeding)Peanut was partly responsible for the line I've tried to create.Thanks to Tony Bobbitt for believing in what we were trying to accomplish YEARS ago!